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Five tips to a successful Christmas PR strategy

07 November 2017 at 11:58

For many, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but for a business owner it can certainly be the most stressful – particularly if you fall behind on your sales forecast.  

The solution? Take the time to implement an affective, well-planned PR and Marketing campaign that successfully increases awareness of your seasonal offering, and engages directly with key target audiences. Voilà.

Now, we know it’s easier said than done, which is why here at Trailblazer HQ we like to think of ourselves as PR Christmas Elves, beavering away and ready to share our top five tips for creating a cracking PR strategy for Christmas 2017:



The Christmas rush is inevitable, but the marketing start line seems to be earlier and earlier each year, with stores, like Selfridges, opening their Christmas shop from August! [Yes, August…]


Our tip? Take the time to think about all the PR and Marketing ploys in the build-up to Christmas and leverage them for sales success - from Black Friday and Cyber Monday to the 12 days of Christmas, the majority of these events exist for commercial reasons, so get stuck in and jump on board the promo train!


Refresh your PR and Marketing Mix

‘Tis the season for a fresh, but festive strategy. Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to develop innovative PR and Marketing campaigns, that really think outside the box and get consumers talking.


With John Lewis’ much anticipated Christmas advert up there with mince pies, carollers and stockings – part of Christmas is just relishing in the PR and Marketing gimmicks, and aside from being fun to create, they really work, where the retail giant reported an increase of 5.1% in Christmas sales following its tear-jerking ‘Man on the Moon’ ad.


Be at the top of your content game

In recent years PR and marketing has become increasingly intertwined, where well-written engaging content is now key for increasing brand awareness and driving consumers to your website.


Our advice? Plan your Christmas PR strategy and start creating valuable, enticing content today! From blog posts providing your customers with top Christmas gift ideas, to press releases announcing new product launches, with relating online coverage. Content is still very much king, and is a vital part of any successful PR strategy.


Keep pace with digital trends

In 2016, John Lewis released their much anticipated ‘Man on the Moon’ Christmas ad on YouTube. For the build-up, they posted teaser snapshots on Twitter, and then created a personalised filter on Snapchat.


The point? Be creative with how you spread your festive cheer. In today’s digital World, it’s important to integrate any PR campaign with as many relevant digital channels as possible. Launching a new product or offering Christmas discount? Provide a ‘behind the scenes’ sneak-peak with Instagram stories or create your very own video series. Ultimately, knowing what channels your target audiences use and engage with most is the key to sales success.


Make your customers feel extra special

Remember, many of your customers will have been a part of your business all year round, so why not celebrate that and offer something a little extra this Christmas?


This could be a small token gift or branded items, such as a calendar for 2018. This is particularly beneficial for small companies which in most have closer relationships with their customers. Aside from furthering customer service, making them feel extra special will enhance your reputation and ensure you end the year on a ho-ho-high!


If you are interested in putting together your own PR strategy but feel you need our help, please contact a member of the Trailblazer PR team for a non-obligatory chat at or call the office directly on 01453 887777.

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Trailblazer PR celebrates 13th anniversary in winning style

27 April 2017 at 14:50

Trailblazer PR, has celebrated its 13th anniversary in winning style, after securing a new contract with local management consultancy, Applied Change.


Dedicated to delivering business and IT enabled change across a range of industry sectors, Applied Change initially approached Trailblazer PR to assist with its PR outreach.


After an initial review, the Trailblazer PR team identified additional areas in which the management consultancy needed to adapt its marketing before a clear PR strategy could be implemented, and has since worked with experts in SEO, design and photography to overhaul the firm’s website and marketing assets.


The Trailblazer PR team, led by Managing Director, Sabrina Pace-Humphreys, have now created an innovative and exciting PR strategy due to be implemented for the change management specialists in the coming weeks.


Mark Vincent, Managing Director of Applied Change, said: “Trailblazer PR are an innovative and dynamic PR consultancy that have ironically implemented exciting change in our PR and Marketing. I now cannot wait to see what 2017 brings and am confident that they will deliver excellent results.”


Trailblazer PR was founded by Managing Director, Sabrina Pace-Humphreys, in March 2004, and since this time has established an excellent reputation as one of Gloucestershire’s leading PR firms, having worked with clients across a range of industry sectors and on both a local and national scale.


Sabrina added: “I am extremely excited about Trailblazer’s new working relationship with Applied Change, and feel that our innovative PR strategy will really help support the firm’s long term business objectives and deliver excellent results.”


“Over the past 13 years, the Trailblazer PR team and I have worked extremely hard to secure long-term working relationships and deliver impressive results for all clients. Securing a new contract is certainly the best way to celebrate 13 successful years in business - particularly with a firm as exciting as Applied Change!”




Interested in finding out how Trailblazer PR can increase your brand awareness? Contact a member of the team today at

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Gunning for Business Growth in 2017? ... You need PR!

23 January 2017 at 10:34

We all start the New Year bright eyed and bushy tailed with intentions of exceeding our business goals and objectives. But like all New Year’s resolutions, the reality is often far from our initial intention. 


PR is often overlooked by many business owners, particularly with the growing digital landscape. However, what is often misunderstood, is how integral PR is to this developing digital mix, and therefore, for the growth and success of your business. 


That said, here’s five reasons why you should consider PR in 2017 if you’re gunning for business growth: 


  1. PR and SEO, it’s a match made in heaven: We all want to be at the top of Google, right? Well one sure fire way of supporting any SEO strategy [and every digital marketer will confirm] is through PR. You see, in the World of SEO content is king, and content is what is required to boost your website to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages [SERPs]. PR plays an integral role here, in that it is our job to write, pitch and secure coverage for well-written and engaging content about your business, on media and other third party sites that will be read and seen by your target audience. Voila!


  1. With PR comes creativity: Let’s face it, PR’s are renowned for coming up with those genius ideas that start the latest trends on Twitter and increase consumer engagement. Want your business to be seen in a new and exciting light? Let us come up with the creative and you can reap the rewards. 


  1. Alas! PR IS Measurable: There’s a common myth that circulates the world of business in that PR is not measurable, which means it is often difficult to quantify the PR spend. Well, thanks to platforms like Google Analytics and social media insights, PR has never been more measurable. Looking to increase web traffic, social media followers or online sales? A well-planned and integrated PR strategy can definitely help!


  1. Boost Brand Awareness: Want more customers to buy your product or choose your service over your competitors? One thing PR is great for, is boosting your brand awareness! Whether engaging with key media and digital outlets or working on a targeted PR campaign, we will ensure more members of your target audience have heard, seen and read about you and your business.


  1. Listen to the words of the wise: Bill Gates and Richard Branson have far more in common than just their entrepreneurial capability – they believe in the power of PR and the role it can play in securing business success: 


Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front-page ad.” Richard Branson

If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.” Bill Gates

For more information on how PR can support your business objectives in 2017, please contact Trailblazer PR at or call the office directly on 01435 887 777.

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I'm alive...

26 April 2012 at 11:21

Virgin London Marathon Finishers Medal

I have now stopped walking like a cowboy with piles and, finally, think that I am back in the land of the living.


On Sunday I completed the Virgin London Marathon in 4.23.11 and it took all I had to get round in that time I tell you. This was one of the hardest races – if not the hardest – that I have ever taken part in.


I hit the wall in a big way at mile 18 and stayed firmly glued to it until mile 23. At that stage the crowd support was so immense that it carried me through the final 3.2 miles.


That’s all I can say for now as, to be honest, I am still taking it all in. I keep looking at my medal and can’t believe that I have actually completed this famous race.


On a more sombre note, my heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family and friends of fellow runner Claire Squires who unfortunately died one mile from the end of the course. Claire was a fundraiser and had taken on various challenges, this being her latest one. She was running for the Samaritans and, since her passing, her Just Giving page total stands at £737,000 + Please give what you can and honour the memory of Claire 


Thank you for all your support x 

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HealBee - a heal-ing hand

25 April 2012 at 09:02

A heal-ing hand


There are so many websites and online communities out there that sometimes it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Well, the other day I met a Stroud-based entrepreneur who has just launched a website that is aimed at people who are newly single (due to a variety of reasons).


The site is called HealBee and its aim is to provide direct links to bespoke services that people may be looking for when they are single again. It also provides access to a members’ area where you can talk to other people in the same boat and read interesting articles from site users about their own ‘journey’.  It’s new, so granted there aren’t a lot of people on there right now, but I think that this will change in the next few months. One to watch… 


UPDATED - 01.05.12: HealBee comissioned some market research which is leading to some good media coverage


HealBee - Telegraph 








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Freelance consumer media relations expert wanted!

10 April 2012 at 17:47

We're on the hunt for a fantastic freelance consumer media relations expert to join our award winning team.

Ideally you'll be based in Gloucestershire and have spent your PR career liaising with journalists that work on both traditional and online media. You'll be strategic, yet creative. Hard working, yet fun. And - most importantly - you get a real buzz from generating coverage opportunities for your clients.

We've just landed some really exciting PR accounts so, if you think you've got what it takes, get in touch

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What makes a good communicator great

05 April 2012 at 13:19

Look up ‘communicate’ in the Oxford English Dictionary, and you will see the following definitions:

1.    share or exchange information, news or ideas

2.    succeed in conveying one’s ideas or in evoking understanding in others

Stroud Life’s Communicator of the Year Award seeks to recognise and celebrate organisations that are using innovative and exciting ways to communicate with people.

Those people might be your customers, your staff or your neighbours. They might be students, shareholders or potential investors.

Perhaps you have a high-street shop and use your window and storefront to capture the attention of passers-by. Or maybe you have a lively and engaging Twitter account that you use to build better relationships with your customers. You might even have a full-scale PR and marketing strategy generating heaps of relevant media coverage and generating new business leads.

It doesn’t matter who you communicate with or how you do it, as long as it is interesting – and effective.

As the UK struggles to pull itself out of the economic crisis, good communications are more important than ever for regional businesses. It is one of the most effective ways to enhance reputation and build better relationships with customers old and new alike.

And the beauty of communications as a business tool is that it doesn’t have to involve mega-bucks. A simple, well-executed good idea can be all it takes to achieve standout and win customers. Some of the most innovative and successful communications activity I have seen has come from smaller businesses operating on a shoestring budget. Owner-managed organisations are often much more intuitive and fleet of foot when it comes to identifying and seizing opportunities to communicate with customers, investors or other audiences.

We live in such an exciting time for communications. The past decade has seen the rise of new possibilities, particularly with the explosion of social media such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. The opportunities are endless and I am sure that many businesses in Stroud are using innovative and clever ways to communicate with their audiences.

If you’re passionate about how you communicate with people, Stroud Life would love to hear about it – and you could be a contender for Stroud’s Communicator of the Year.

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Proud of Stroud!

02 April 2012 at 11:17

Proud of Stroud!

Last week I (Sabrina) was asked to take part in Stroud's Portas Pilot bid.

Mary PortasTo support the application, which was submitted last friday, each town had to submit a three minute video. And here it is..

I really hope that Stroud gets some of this funding as I truly believe that lots of great work could be done with it. Work which would, and could, truly breathe new life into our high street.

Already, so much goodwill has been shown to Carole Garfield - Chair of Stroud Chamber of Trade and Commerce - while she has been doing the background work needed in order to put in the bid. All we can do now is keep our fingers crossed that the bid impresses the powers that be!

PMA Stroud... If we believe it, it will happen.

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Celebrating Gloucestershire's Women in Business

30 March 2012 at 12:14

Wow, what an event!

Last night The Centaur at Cheltenham Racecourse served as the venue for the annual Gloucestershire Citizen & Gloucestershire Echo Women in Business Awards.

Margaret Young and Cara Forrest from Leigh Young Solicitors, Stroud.We were there. Hobnobbing with the county's glamorous businesswomen and were so pleased to see our home town of Stroud so well presented with Cheryl Leigh of Leigh Young Solicitors and Catherine Green of WSP Solicitors as finalists in the Rising Star of the Year and Woman of the Year categories. Unfortunately they were both pipped to the post, but we're sure you'll see their names on other awards shortlists this year!

Sarah Pullen, MD of Gloucestershire Media, was host and, as ever, her speech roused laughter and got the night off to a good start.

We'd like to say a special well done to Olivia from Tewkesbury-based engineering business Green Car Depollution. Olivia won 'Rising Star of the Year' and 'New Business of the Year'. We've got a feeling this young lady is really going places - look out world!

Were you there? If so, let us know what your highlights were...What did you think of the venue, the food, the finalists and winners...? Send us your photos and we'll add them to this post!

BIG respect to Gloucestershire Women in Business. We salute you.


Woman of the Year - Debra Drew, Fabric Architecture

Business of the Year -  Aeolus Power

The Award for Innovation - Kate Green, National Star College

Contribution to the Community - Denise Leighton, Merry Den Care

Women in the Workplace - Claire Stringer, Gooseberry Bush Day Nursery

New Business of the Year - Green Car Depollution

Rising Star of the Year - Olivia Hutchins, Green Car Depollution 

Mentor of the year - Angie Petkovic, APT Marketing & PR

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2012 Gloucestershire Echo & Citizen Women in Business Awards

28 March 2012 at 11:23

Woman Business Awards 2012It’s almost here. The Gloucestershire Echo & Citizen Women in Business Awards 2012. Who will take home the top awards on the night? Who will cry with joy at winning? Who will be popping the champagne corks and who’s dresses and shoes will us Gloucestershire women swoon over!

A huge GOOD LUCK to our client Cheryl Leigh from Stroud based Leigh Young Solicitors who is nominated for the Rising Star of the Year award. Also a special mention to Catherine Green from WSP Solicitors in Stroud who has also been nominated for Woman of the Year. Great to see Stroud businesswomen getting the recognition they deserve!

We’ll be live tweeting from the event so if you want to know who the winners are and see pictures from the event follow us on @TrailblazerPR.

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