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What It Means to Work in PR Today

The PR industry can be stressful, but highly rewarding. It requires industry members to operate on a flexible basis, adapting to a variety of situations while utilizing a multitude of media tools. Good relations with both press and clients are necessary, and the constantly changing industry means that professionals are always on their toes. As PR specialists ourselves, Team Trailblazer want to share the wonderful highs of the industry, along with a few of its stresses.

There are a variety of skills that are absolutely necessary when it comes to producing campaigns and delivering successful strategies. Not only do you require an extensive knowledge of PR in a traditional sense, but a high level of literacy in digital mediums, with social media and the internet well and truly taking over the way that businesses reach new clientele and share their successes. If you want to get your clients out there, you’ll have to be able to provide both modern and traditional methods to reach as many people as possible.

Previously, PR professionals only needed good media relations and plenty of creative ideas. Now, however, an extensive knowledge of social media and an understanding of general internet practices, including knowledge of the blogging industry are required.

Nowadays, the digital age allows for PR companies to work with brands from across the country. Logistics may not be ideal for client meetings but, with software such as Skype and Zoom on offer, face to face meetings can be conducted from the comfort of offices, and even homes. Many realize now that the skill and connections that a particular business has are more vital to campaign success than geographic detail, and that's why you’ll see many PR professionals, such as ourselves, hosting clients from a range of cities throughout the UK.

There are a lot of personal skills involved too. Delivering a successful campaign involves extensive critical thinking, nerves of steel for pitching to busy journalists or delivering any bad news, not forgetting the importance of patience when it comes to waiting for feedback and the traction of campaigns to build. 

Professionally, extensive writing skills are key to every PR campaign. As one of the main skills, it's hard to teach, and, as a result, is one of the traits that anyone in PR will proudly come into the industry already possessing. Multi-tasking is another key aspect of the job. Being able to pitch to the media while forming strategies and leading crisis control initiatives is all a necessity of being part of such a whirlwind industry.


Here at Trailblazer PR, we know how to keep control of everything, all while providing a quality service that will lead your campaigns to success. For more information on how we can get your voice heard, get in touch via or call the office via 01453 887777.

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