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Should Your Business Follow Wetherspoons In A Social Media Detox?

We live in an era where everyone and their dog is on social media. It can be particularly useful for businesses when it comes to connecting with audiences and potential new clients, resulting in social media strategies being key in any good marketing campaign.

However, some companies are making a strange step. They are deleting their accounts from social sites, almost creating a trend. One such business who has departed from internet socialising is pub giant Wetherspoons.


A Bad Move?

On the surface, it looks like a dangerous move, providing a key opportunity for self-sabotage. But founder Tim Martin, before the detox, explained how he wanted to prove that the conventional wisdom of social media being a vital component of a successful business wasn't necessarily true.


A Strategic Plan

With further consideration, it doesn't seem like too much of a wild idea. Their business requires people to enter their establishments and spend time socialising while consuming the food and drink on offer. So, if a customer is spending their time tweeting them, they won't be spending time in their business.

In another strategic move, the chain has deleted their online customer database. By not having an email newsletter, they're letting consumers move away from their screens and back into venues where they can continue to spend money.


Still Delivering

It can't be argued that they're technophobes either, or that they can't deliver news. Their website is the main serving station of new updates, information and promotions. And not to mention they still publish their own magazine. Customers are also still invited to share their thoughts, meaning Wetherspoons won't be lacking in any of the opportunities social media gave them.


Who Should Follow Suit?

It's not necessarily a yes or no decision on whether your brand should also have a social detox. In regard to Wetherspoons, they won't be heavily affected by their lack of social channels as they didn't make the most of them in the first place.


However, for brands who lack a physical space, this could be murder. Social media hosts the perfect in between that reminds customers that those online locations exist while inviting them to peruse products and services. Limit social interactions and customer relations will drop.


Not only this, but social media is a fantastic way to update and build client relationships quickly and effectively. For many businesses, even those in the same sector as Wetherspoons, it is the key to new business.


If it is a decision you're thinking of taking, put plenty of thought into it. Make sure you have other platforms to form client relations. And, if your social media channels aren't gaining traction, consider all potential reasons – they may not be utilised to full potential.


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