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Is the Press Release dead?

Press releases are overlooked nowadays. Why? Because many journalists do not fully rely on them for their latest stories and the effort put into a media release isn’t always reflected through the outcome. So, for many start-ups and businesses who have very little spare time on their hands, it can feel like a redundant task.


Despite this, press releases are still a necessity. They’re one of the very few ways in which you can get your business news out to content curators and influencers, leading to audience reach. A great press release can also result in media interviews and feature, with digital coverage securing all-important links back to your website, boosting SEO.


A well written press release will also put you and your business on a journalist’s radar, informing them of your brand and providing them with your contact details should they need any comments for relevant, developing news stories.


So with this in mind, how can you give your press release some added je ne sais quoi to increase its chances of sparking interest with the news outlets of the world? Team Trailblazer have plenty of experience seeking coverage, so we’re here to give you some vital tips:


Refuse to be Repetitive

The attention span of today’s readers has dramatically decreased over time. As a result, you’ll need to make a conscious effort to not be repetitive. Where the traditional rules of press release writing involve writing a descriptive headline that is expanded on in the first paragraph, you’ll want to focus on using the first paragraph as a continuation of the headline. This means you’ll be getting straight to eh point without repeating the same information.


Sling the Slang

When you’re the one writing the press release, you’ll be including all of the technical language and industry slang - but will those receiving your release understand it? If you’re sending your release to non-trade outlets such as regional and national papers, then you’ll want to keep the technical language to a minimum so they can quickly and easily understand what you’re saying.


Increase Interest

The best way to get people interested is by giving them facts. With the current digital age providing the opportunity for false information to spread at an alarming rate, people struggle to believe just anything with any data to back it up. So, if there’s a chance for relevant and insightful data to be included in your release, do it!


To Quote Or Not To Quote?

It’s viewed as a standard rule that a quote should be included in your press release. However, this often leads to a crucial mistake. Throwing in a random statement that isn’t relevant and makes no sense can reduce the strength of your release. When including one, ensure it’s from someone who is a key stakeholder or an executive in the business and ask precise questions before editing out any rambling sentences.


Expand Outreach

Where do you publish your news releases? The very first thing to come to mind should be your website. After that, take your focus to news distribution services. But, if you’re looking to really get your news out there, utilise email pitches and sites such as Medium where you can publish your own content. By including every pathway, you’ll be taking the outcome into your own hands.


In essence, the press release itself is not dead, but the approach needs rejuvenating!

Times have changed, so how we act needs to change too. Realigning how we approach things in accordance to modern marketing and PR strategies can lead to increased success in coverage, overall proving that press release are still extremely important.


If you’re struggling with your press releases, Trailblazer can help. With plenty of experience in the sector, Trailblazer PR can provide you with a reliable press release service that provides successful results. Get in touch with our team today for more information. Contact us via 01453 887777 or email us on

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