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How to Build A Successful Media List

When it comes to getting your business’s news out there, a media list full of reliable and relevant contacts is a must. Once a catchy, concise and attractive press release has been written, you'll need to distribute it to the relevant titles, leading to the most important part of media list assembly; knowing who your target audience are and what they're likely to read.


It can be a hefty task to take on however as the right journalists can be hard to find. To give a helping hand, Team Trailblazer PR have 5 top tips to help you get it right the first time.


The Right People

An obvious place start, finding people who write about your topic is imperative to getting your news successfully in the public eye. Research the people who report on your sector and look specifically for writers who understand their readers and know if their audiences will care about your pitch. Don’t send it to people who won’t be interested as it not only wastes time but, if in the future there’s a pitch that may be relevant to them, you may put them off covering your news.



It may not be an ‘official’ media channel, but many people on social media with an influential presence, and bloggers, are worth adding to your media list. These influencers have readerships that can sometimes surpass the thousands and their content is often widely shared. So, while you may need to adjust your pitch slightly to appeal to them, it is important to include non-traditional media on your list.



To ensure your pitch is successful, a relationship with those you are pitching to can be key. A list of ‘cold’ media professionals will never be as effective as a pitch to the few you know well. It may be hard to initially build these relationships, but they will be endlessly useful to the success of your business. When a journalist does take interest in your pitch, encourage a relationship by apprising the information before it becomes public and grant them exclusive access to people in your business for interviews.



Is your story worthy of national reach? Or is it only of value to those in the sector, or even just the local area? Ensure that, depending on the news you want to circulate, you target the outlets that will find it of value according to their size. Trade, regional or national, getting the publication size right regarding your story can have a great effect on your pitching success.



Using a database to source media contacts can be key in supporting your pitch. Services such as Precise and Kantar host tens of thousands of media contacts. It may cost money, but it can improve your success as they allow you to build targeted lists and track media mentions.


If you’re struggling to put together a successful PR pitch or can’t find the right people to send your press release to, Trailblazer PR can help - we’ve had years of experience in building media contacts who trust us. For more information or to speak to our friendly team, send us an email via or call us on 01453 887777.

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