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How to Craft the Perfect Headline

One of the most crucial parts of creating content in any medium is crafting the most eye-catching headline. Whether it be in articles, comment pieces or even in the subject lines of your email, your headline needs to be engaging, otherwise your target audience won’t be attracted to your content. Fact.


To give you a helping hand, team Trailblazer have pulled together some top tips to ensure you nail that title:



Keywords form the root of your headline. Inspect your text closely and focus on what word would summarise everything simply. If you’re struggling, the internet plays host to plenty of free tools, including Google’s reliable ‘AdWords Keyword Planner’. By using this software, you'll not only pick out the perfect keywords, but the best tags to add to your online content, improving your SEO simultaneously.


Power words

Some words are just scientifically proven to attract more people. Include them in your headline, and you’ll see the views increase. These are powerful adjectives that make a promise to readers whilst also encouraging an emotional response. These could be rationales such as ‘tips’ and ‘secrets’ or adjectives such as ‘surprising’ and ‘incredible'.


Call To Action

Use wording that makes your target audience realise they need to read your piece. Urgency words can be key here, compelling readers to click on links. Use phrases such as 'You Don't Want to Miss This' or 'Discover the Secrets of … Now'. Or, focus on call to actions, using phrasing that makes the reader feel personally targeted and instructed to carry out a task such as 'Find Out' or 'Don't Wait'.



The perfect headline also relies on a certain level of 'science'. It should reflect on the way the human brain responds to information. This can be done through certain organisational methods or including various formats. A key format is using numbers. Mention some digits, and the brain will recognise that the text it's about to read will be organised in an easy to read and logical way.


But, regardless of what is including in your wording, if the headline is compelling and elicits an emotional response, encouraging readers to click through, your content will be a success!


If you're worried about creating the perfect headline and content, the Trailblazer PR Team can help you create a content strategy that really works. Contact a member of the team for a non-obligatory chat via or call the office on 01453 887777.

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