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Common Mistakes Made When Writing Web Content

Writing the perfect web content can be hard, so it's no surprise that many make some key mistakes. From badly formatted writing and using an off-putting tone to missing out key opportunities to hook scrollers through eye-catching visuals, it's a mine-field to navigate.

To help you out, team Trailblazer PR have gathered our top tips to help you avoid those mistakes, so you can curate the best web content to interest your readers:


Editing and Proofreading

Not checking text is one of the biggest mistakes people can make - even veteran writers need their copy both proofread and edited. The web might be a haven for text-speak and rushed copy but, if you want to stand out, you'll have to get it right – no one wants to read illiterate copy when they're looking to be impressed.

It may be hard to spot mistakes yourself as you’ll be familiar with the text, reading what you expect to read - therefore, making it worthwhile for 'new eyes' to view the content. Reading the copy out loud is also a great proofreading method, helping to put down a feel for the rhythm and spot any missing punctuation.


Removing Proof

Without the relevant proof and evidence, your readers won't trust your copy as a lot of internet sources are false. Highlight your position as a credible provider of information by keeping in evidence to show readers proof, whilst discussing the latest trends, products and solutions. This could be through stats, case studies, testimonials and general facts. 



Make sure you write with your readers in mind. If a piece isn't directed at the audience and instead talks only about your brand, they won't be interested in reading it. Fact. It's important that the blog is written in a style that the target audience will appreciate otherwise you'll lose their attention and even deter them from your site. The main way to approach this is by establishing your audience and writing with the aim of what they want to hear – think of a solution to their questions.



The way the web page looks can also lead to some mistakes being made. Not only does it focus your points and structures the information you're sharing, it helps your readers better understand your text through enhancing different messages and points. Most internet-users are skim readers and want a lot of information but in small and easy to read doses, so utilise sub-headings and minimal paragraphs to keep content organised and visually appealing.


Quantity over quality  

Another classic mistake is prioritising quantity over quality. It might look good having a website filled with content but if the quality isn't good, readers won't be hanging around. Poorly written or rushed posts are more likely to repel visitors so make sure that quality content takes priority. Consider the topic of the blog, how much detail it requires and who the intended audience are when deciding on the length. Also consider what visuals will be attached – if they are repeating some of the copy, re-edit and cut some content out!


If you're struggling with your web content, Trailblazer is here to help! We provide excellent copywriting services that will satisfy all of your needs. To find out more, please contact a member of the team for a no-obligation chat at or call the office directly on 01453 887777.

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