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Top PR Tips for Business Start Ups

Starting a business is tough. Fact. Particularly when your consider that nearly 80% of businesses fail within the first two years alone. Another fact. 


A common demoninator is that many start-ups fail to harness the true power of PR and Marketing for business growth, with the majority unable to afford professional support. The good news? Initial PR, such as announcing the launch of your business, needn’t be rocket science and can initially done in-house until you’re in a position to recruit an agency to work on your behalf.  


With that in mind, Trailblazer PR has pulled together our top 5 PR tips for business start-ups:


Reach out to your target media


Whether you want to engage with your local community or reach potential customers, the media is one sure fire way of doing so. The problem? Not many Business Owners know the art of media engagement. PR skillset aside, it’s just an initial case of picking up the phone, introducing your business, and taking the time to understand what they want and are looking for in business related news stories. That said, what are you waiting for?


Remember the ‘So What?’ rule


When putting together any press release it’s vital to remember the ‘So What?’ rule… Think about it, what’s going to be more engaging for readers? The fact your business has turned over £1 million in just 6 months or the fact you have a new special offer for the summer? The ‘So What’ rule helps you decipher between newsworthy content, ensuring that every time you contact a member of your media list, you are doing so with a news story that both they and their readers are going to want to read and engage with. 


Think Digital


Modern day PR is far more than just calculating newspaper inches… In fact, PR plays an integral role to the wider marketing mix, supporting SEO and Content Marketing strategies. Small things like requesting a follow link back to your website from any online coverage, or sharing your content on social media to increase engagement and website traffic are excellent starting points! 


Goals and Objectives


With any PR strategy it’s important to have a clear set of goals and objectives from the outset, which are both short term and long term. Some excellent examples include increased website traffic, increased sales, increased conversions or enquiries. It might be your PR effort is just focused on the launch of a particular product or service – if so, create KPIs around these specific sales efforts. Creating clear goals will enable you to really measure the success of your PR strategy, and help you evaluate what has or hasn’t worked moving forwards. 


Be Innovative


Finally, remember that PR can be creative, it can be daring and it can be exciting! More often than not, the PR campaigns that move outside the box are those that are most shared and talked about - reflecting positively on your business!


If you are interested in putting together your own PR strategy but could do with a helping hand, please contact a member of the Trailblazer PR team for a non-obligatory chat at or call the office directly on 01453 887777.

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