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5 Top Tips for Writing Engaging Content

Content creation is essential in today’s digital world. Fact. So whether your business boasts its own blog or a simple news feed, the ‘blogosphere’ is a saturated market and keeping your audience interested, or growing potential new followers, is becoming increasingly difficult.


Here at Trailblazer PR, we recognise how much of a struggle it can be to consistently find or write new material, which can ultimately end up being more of a hindrance than a help on your daily to-do list! To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together our 5 top tips for writing engaging content that will enhance your presence online:


Snappy Headlines

Just like the main bulk of your text, the title should be just as short and snappy. Your main headline is the first thing your reader will see, and a strong attention-grabbing title will often determine if they’ll want to read on. Try writing a few down initially, or even waiting until you’ve finished writing to help determine what would best suit your chosen topic.


Keep it short and sweet

These days, nobody has time to sit and read lengthy paragraphs. Your content should flow consistently and relay the simple message you want to put across, without the hefty word count. 


Stay in the Know

Keep your finger on the pulse by staying up to date on current topics or new trends that are emerging in your industry. This will be the difference between you and your competitors!  It may be easier said than done, but your audience visits your blog to read what YOU have to say - being in the know gives your brand a professional identity and your audience will soon sit up and take note.


Use your platform to your advantage

Depending on what platform you use for your content, make sure you utilise Google Analytics to understand what content has captivated your audience the most. Conversely, it can also help you eliminate which topics don’t attract as many views, saving you precious time when researching new content ideas.


Be Original

When researching new content ideas, you need to ask yourself these questions: Is this something your followers would want to read about? – and - has this already been discussed? Nobody wants to read the same thing twice, so take the time to put your own spin on the chosen topic to allow your personality to shine through, and keep your specific audience loyal to your brand.  


If you are interested in putting together your own PR strategy, and specifically need help with your content generation, please contact a member of the Trailblazer PR team for a no-obligation chat at or call the office directly on 01453 887777.

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