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PR and SEO ... The need to know!

21 February 2017 at 13:50

Ever heard the phrase ‘Content is King’? Aside from dominating the world of SEO, the importance of content has also transformed the PR and Marketing sectors in recent years - particularly, in how PR and SEO work together.


Once upon a time SEO was about sourcing as many back links as possible to your website – where Google believed that the more links a website had, the more authoritative it was. But it wasn’t long until search engines started to really understand how individuals use the internet, and focused more on improving user experience by providing the best possible results for their search term or query.


This is where content comes into play. The better, the more unique and the more relevant your content is, the more it will be valued by Google – whether that’s content hosted on a third-party site with a backlink - or unique, engaging and fresh content regularly uploaded to your own company news or blog page.


So, with that in mind, how do PR and SEO work together? And what do you need to consider in the world of SEO when creating a new PR strategy? Trailblazer PR explores:


Improve Content


As you may have already guessed, content plays an imperative part in every PR strategy. From updating your own website with fresh content on a regular basis, to creating ‘guest articles’ for relevant media sites – well-written content really is King. But how can you make it more ‘SEO friendly’?


First off, avoid duplication and keep your content unique – no matter how tempting it is to regurgitate old articles. Secondly, avoid ‘keyword stuffing’ and ensure any mentions of relevant search terms are implemented organically. Where relevant include internal and external links within your blog content – where linking to content within your own website will help to build relevance between pages, linking to external content hosted on authoritative sites will help support your website’s position within the SERPs [Search Engine Results Pages].


Finally, work hard to secure guest articles or comment pieces on relevant third party media sites likely to have high traffic volumes - and for the icing on the cake, ensure they include a ‘follow’ link back to your website in return.


What can you change onsite?


Gone are the days when PR was deemed ‘unmeasurable’, so long as you create a Google Analytics account. Aside from showing you how many website visitors you received and in what time period, Google Analytics will also detail how web users got to your site and what pages they viewed – so you will know exactly how successful online press coverage can be in driving website traffic and securing new sales or enquiries.


Prior to implementing Google Analytics, make sure you take the time to dot the I’s and cross the T’s. Websites lacking in content, effective meta titles, an organic use of key search terms, and broken internal links, for example, will really struggle in the SERPs.


SEO aside, it’s important to remember that your website is like your shop window – you want target audiences to land on your page after reading or seeing something exciting about your brand and continue this level of engagement as they scrawl right through to your conversion point. If your website isn’t up to scratch, potential customers will quickly click off, and straight on to your competitors.


Don’t forget Social


Does your social media strategy integrate with your PR? As it certainly should. In fact, Social Media works brilliantly with both PR and SEO, but not so much as a direct support for your search engine rankings, but more as a tool to increase brand awareness, build your reputation and drive new traffic to your website.


Key things to remember here are ensuring you include links with your posts, and that you share useful and engaging content in different rich media formats – from video to infographics.


There’s no quick fix


Both PR and SEO take time to deliver results. Neither offer an overnight solution, but both can be extremely effective for increasing your brand awareness and achieving your business objectives for the long term.


Interested in finding out more? Contact the Trailblazer PR team today at or call 01453 887777. 

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