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Gunning for Business Growth in 2017? ... You need PR!

23 January 2017 at 10:34

We all start the New Year bright eyed and bushy tailed with intentions of exceeding our business goals and objectives. But like all New Year’s resolutions, the reality is often far from our initial intention. 


PR is often overlooked by many business owners, particularly with the growing digital landscape. However, what is often misunderstood, is how integral PR is to this developing digital mix, and therefore, for the growth and success of your business. 


That said, here’s five reasons why you should consider PR in 2017 if you’re gunning for business growth: 


  1. PR and SEO, it’s a match made in heaven: We all want to be at the top of Google, right? Well one sure fire way of supporting any SEO strategy [and every digital marketer will confirm] is through PR. You see, in the World of SEO content is king, and content is what is required to boost your website to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages [SERPs]. PR plays an integral role here, in that it is our job to write, pitch and secure coverage for well-written and engaging content about your business, on media and other third party sites that will be read and seen by your target audience. Voila!


  1. With PR comes creativity: Let’s face it, PR’s are renowned for coming up with those genius ideas that start the latest trends on Twitter and increase consumer engagement. Want your business to be seen in a new and exciting light? Let us come up with the creative and you can reap the rewards. 


  1. Alas! PR IS Measurable: There’s a common myth that circulates the world of business in that PR is not measurable, which means it is often difficult to quantify the PR spend. Well, thanks to platforms like Google Analytics and social media insights, PR has never been more measurable. Looking to increase web traffic, social media followers or online sales? A well-planned and integrated PR strategy can definitely help!


  1. Boost Brand Awareness: Want more customers to buy your product or choose your service over your competitors? One thing PR is great for, is boosting your brand awareness! Whether engaging with key media and digital outlets or working on a targeted PR campaign, we will ensure more members of your target audience have heard, seen and read about you and your business.


  1. Listen to the words of the wise: Bill Gates and Richard Branson have far more in common than just their entrepreneurial capability – they believe in the power of PR and the role it can play in securing business success: 


Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front-page ad.” Richard Branson

If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.” Bill Gates

For more information on how PR can support your business objectives in 2017, please contact Trailblazer PR at or call the office directly on 01435 887 777.

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