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Three ways to encourage regional media to write about your business

20 August 2012 at 20:08

We have rambled before about local and regional media relations. Far from being the poor relation of PR, we believe it deserves the same level of strategic and creative thought as other parts of the communications mix.

Many organisations simply don’t realise when they are sitting on a goldmine of information that would delight and excite regional media. Here are three approaches we have used to secure media coverage in our home turf of Gloucestershire and further afield in the past few weeks:

1.    Shout about relocation, expansion – and best of all, jobs!

These three magic ingredients are pretty much guaranteed to attract the interest of regional journalists. But you need to package the information up effectively to maximise coverage. Here is an example of a story we placed with the Huddersfield Examiner for engineering client Severn Unival:

Severn Unival move to create more jobs

2.    Talk about the people behind the business

Many regional publications like to showcase the personalities and motivations of successful businesspeople in their patch. Talk to some of the people you employ, find out about their interests outside work, or what they did and where they lived before they worked for you. You might uncover a wealth of information that could lead to positive coverage. Take a look at this profile of two recent graduates from our client School of Homeopathy in Stroud Life:

Couple work in perfect unison on new venture

3.    Provide lots of lovely stats and facts

Relevance is a critical success factor for all media relations. But if you are trying to build a presence in regional media across the UK, or in a region where you don’t have a physical presence, it can be difficult to achieve. Tailored research can be a powerful way to overcome this problem. We used the regional breakdown of national research findings for HealBee to secure coverage around the UK, as well as in national newspapers. Media included Metro Scotland, The Sun (Scotland), Western Daily Press and Belfast Telegraph.

So, if you want to enhance your regional media presence – either close to home or across the UK – take a look in your own back yard and you might find some real gems just waiting to be discovered.

Over and out. 


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Friday ramble: Top 10 marketing lessons from the Olympic Games

20 August 2012 at 19:59

With the Paralympic Games opening next week, we’d like to hand this week’s Friday Ramble over to Marketing magazine’s Nicola Clark who wrote a fine article about lessons marketers can learn from London 2012.

For us, the unexpected Brand Hero of the Olympics was Royal Mail. The golden post boxes and commemorative stamps really tapped in to the spirit of the Games. The two initiatives worked wonders for Royal Mail’s image – so much great publicity! And we are quite sure that many people will have gone out of their way to write to friends and family to take advantage of the special stamps. Who knows, maybe it has reminded people how nice it is to send and receive a ‘real’ letter for a change, rather than a text message or email.

Many of Nicola’s comments can apply specifically to PR as well as marketing in the broadest sense. Her article is definitely worth a read:

We love sport in our household; watching it, playing it, taking about it and just occasionally, arguing about it. The life-affirming nature of it; its ability to bring people together across generations; the pure unbridled joy of victory and learning to be noble in taking the crushing disappointment of defeat.  From jumpers for goal posts to the breath-taking skill of Usain Bolt’s phenomenal style and speed, sport's power to engage and inspire is endless.

For the marketing industry London 2012 has been a great opportunity to showcase its talent, and bask in London’s history and beauty. In the warm glow of Olympic glory there will be a flurry of analysis on who won the marketing Olympics, which brands stood and out and which ones didn’t even make it off the starting blocks. But there is one thing that unites all these brands: they recognize the importance and power of sport and the passion it inspires in consumers. More importantly they have provided the financial support so vital to London 2012’s success.

So thank you Adidas for creating a campaign, which was an epic trailer for a spectacular main event. Congratulations Royal Mail for reminding me to send a proper letter rather than an email, adorned with a beautifully-designed stamp starring Team GB’s myriad gold-medalists. Thank you LOCOG for making me a tourist in my own city by taking the time to admire its majestic beauty.

And to all the athletes, brands, businesses, individuals, armed forces and volunteers, they have given us the confidence to believe that ‘Inspire a generation’ could be so much more than just a marketing slogan.  

You can read Nicola’s full article and the ‘ten lessons’ on Marketing magazine’s website.


Which brand did you think made the most of London 2012? Please share!

Over and out. 

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Friday ramble: I've got an app for that

17 August 2012 at 12:26


You will rarely find one of Trailblazer PR’s consultants more than a pace away from their smartphone or iPad. And naturally, we are addicted to apps.

From a communications perspective, offering a great app is a fantastic way to stay front of mind with your customers. And if you’re canny, you can use it to implicitly communicate your brand proposition and personality (with ‘implicit’ being the operative word – you don’t need to take a sledgehammer-approach).

The best apps are those that do something useful, entertaining or both. And there is a groundswell of excellent business-focused apps that are being snapped up by professionals. However, there are also thousands out there that are never even downloaded.

So what’s the secret to creating a business app that people will genuinely want to use time and time again?

It’s all about knowing your audience. If your app helps make people’s lives easier, overcome a problem or streamline their business activity, you could be on to a winner. Do some research and find out if you can fill a niche with something really helpful – you might be surprised at how simple it could be.

Before you jump in at the deep-end, look at the competition and make sure the app you create offers something different and valuable.

Then, the fun starts. It’s worth consulting with a professional designer / programmer to make sure the app looks good and that the flow and design are as smooth as possible.

You also need to think about marketing and PR – it will never get downloaded if nobody knows it is there. Tactics will vary depending on your audience and sector, but as a rule of thumb a blend of offline and online activity is usually best.

If you approach app development strategically – and do it in the right way for the right reasons (i.e. not just for the sake of it, or because one of your competitors has one) – it can form a powerful part of the communications mix.

We quite like some of the apps mentioned in this article on Mashable: Ten Essential Tablet Apps for Business.

Do you use any that you’d like to recommend?

Over and out…

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Silly season story of the day

10 August 2012 at 12:29

Well, the excitement surrounding the Olympics has meant a slow start to the media silly season this year. But we rather like this piece from today’s Daily Mail:

OMG! Don't forget to leave an Out of Office, and never leave a kiss for clients: The email pitfalls we all should avoid

Hats off to Staples UK (and their PR team) for hitting the Daily Mail – and HR Magazine – with this story.

Fun stories like this can play a valuable role in a serious PR strategy. When it’s done well, with editorial objectives in mind, market research can be a fantastic investment that adds real substance to communications activity.

It doesn’t have to be quirky (or silly) either.

Think about industry issues that are relevant to your audiences, from emerging legislation to skills crises, and there is sure to be scope for market research.

Findings are likely to be of interest to your target media, and they can also play a role in wider communications activity. They may provide a platform for an industry roundtable, help shape proposition development or generate a rich seam of content for social media.

Have you spotted a good silly season story this week that you’d like to share?

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